Fairly Odd Restaurants

The two main things you’re not supposed to talk about during a meal are poop and vomit. But what if the restaurants you eat at have bizarre names names themselves? And so, pickyrpoison brings you some oddly named restaurants!! Bon Appetit!


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_3_20090705_2088468394FOOK YUE TOO!

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_5_20090705_2048599999go ahead, Fuk yourself.


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_9_20090705_1798052292balls in seaman sauce?? yum

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_16_20090705_1308252331wow. I wonder how they taste.



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_27_20090705_1536217330enough said…



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_40_20090705_1685126094Who wants to eat at MY DUNG?

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