pickyrpoison tackles Morality.

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There are just some times where we find ourselves thinking of something or ANYTHING to do, especially on a  typical Sunday afternoon. So aside from bumming all are A**es off, pickyrpoison wants to know:

What WOULD you do on a Sunday afternoon?

So, what’s it gonna be?


CAM SHOT part 2

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Men like staring at boobs and butts.  That’s just a scientific fact.  Everyone has stolen a tantalizing glance at a nice rack or an amazing posterior at least once in their life. And so, here comes second installment of our CAM SHOT tribute to men caught staring at boobs and butt! don’t forget to check out part 1 over here.










staring-boobs-down-0“Harry” is all grown up huh?

And now pickyrpoison’s personal favorite…





stare-at-boobs-20000enough said.

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Fairly Odd Restaurants

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The two main things you’re not supposed to talk about during a meal are poop and vomit. But what if the restaurants you eat at have bizarre names names themselves? And so, pickyrpoison brings you some oddly named restaurants!! Bon Appetit!


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_3_20090705_2088468394FOOK YUE TOO!

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_5_20090705_2048599999go ahead, Fuk yourself.


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_9_20090705_1798052292balls in seaman sauce?? yum

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_16_20090705_1308252331wow. I wonder how they taste.



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_27_20090705_1536217330enough said…



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_40_20090705_1685126094Who wants to eat at MY DUNG?

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Head-to-Head: Transformers vs. Transformers

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It was just a couple of weeks ago that the second movie installment of Transformers, Transformers II: revenge of the Fallen, hit the big screen. And before the Transformers high runs out, pickyrpoison wanted to know:

Which Transformers movie is better?


transformers movie poster



So, what’s it gonna be?

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Megan Fox: a cheerleader??

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After making herself known as a silver screen bombshell with Transformers 1 and 2, it looks like the ever-foxy Megan Fox is playing a totally different role than what she has been known for. Here’s a trailer for her upcoming movie “Jennifer’s body”.

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Drinking Session Arguments: What’s worse, getting shot or getting stabbed?

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If there’s one thing men like to do more than drink, it’s argue about really important stuff like what’s worse, getting shot or getting stabbed?

Let us know what you think!




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Drinking Session Arguments: Mermaid with a fish upper-body or lower-body?

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If there’s one thing men like to do more than drink, it’s argue about really important stuff like if it would be more awesome to have a mermaid girlfriend that has a fish lower-body, or a fish upper-body? Now for the guys out there, remember that both DO have their advantages  😉

Let pickyrpoison know what you think!




So, what’s it gona be?

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