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Double take: NBA-Celebrity Look Alikes

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With the NBA season already started, Pickyrpoison has decided to make things a bit more interesting. Thus, we compiled a few NBA personalities and their celebrity counterparts. Let us know what you think!


Robert Horry / Will Smith

Pharell Williams / Caron Butler

Steve Nash / James Blunt

Kyle Korver / Ashton Kutcher

Corey Magette / Xzibit

Stan van Gundy / Ron Jeremy

E.T. / Sam Cassell

Andrew Bynum / Tracy Morgan

Chris Brown / Shannon Brown (coincidence? hmm)

Finesse Mitchell / Derek Fisher

Phil Jackson / Colonel Sanders


Woman? Man? I’m confused.

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One of the hottest topics in sports at the moment (apart from the incredible Usain Bolt) is the gender question raised against a South African athlete.  Caster Semenya is making headlines all over the world this week, but not because the 18 year-old shocked the world by taking home the gold metal by a mile in the 800-meter competition at the World Track and Field Championships in Germany. Rather, the reason Semenya is such a hot topic is because many people and pickyrpoison want to know:

Is Caster Semenya a SHE, or is she actually a HE?


Caster 1

Caster 3

Caster 2

Caster 7


So, what’s it gona be?

Can you say EYE-OPENER?

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You know how there are a lot of commercials about how important it is buckle up and drive safely? Yeah, the boring ones with the person with a monotonous voice talking? Pretty lame for a driving safety commercial huh? Well, i guess the people behind those had the right idea in mind but didn’t really pull it off in terms of execution. Check out this video pickyrpoison found on the net and let us know what you think about it.



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Gayest moments in sports

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Many say that sports are what separates the real men from the boys. However, pickyrpoison found out that even REAL MEN have their not-so-manly moments, even in sports.  Come check out the pictures of the gayest sports moments after the jump.

















Just. plain. wrong


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Head-to-Head: Next Generation Console Wars

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A lot has been said about the next generation gaming consoles that have been released, namely the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3.  Aside from a few weak spots for both, the two have pretty much been able to handle their own in terms of satisfying the avid gamers out there. So, pickyrpoison wants to know:

Which next generation gaming console is better?


XBOX 360



Playstation 3



So, what’s it gona be?

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Head-to-Head: Battle of the SOFT-ies

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There’s nothing like chilling on a late afternoon watching your favorite TV show, playing poker with your buddies, or just sitting back and relaxing. But all this wouldn’t be complete without that nice ice-cold, thirst quenching softdrink to find its way down your throat. With this in mind, pickyrpoison wants to know:

Which softdrink is better, Coke or Pepsi?







So, what’s it gonna be?

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Fairly Odd Restaurants

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The two main things you’re not supposed to talk about during a meal are poop and vomit. But what if the restaurants you eat at have bizarre names names themselves? And so, pickyrpoison brings you some oddly named restaurants!! Bon Appetit!


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_3_20090705_2088468394FOOK YUE TOO!

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_5_20090705_2048599999go ahead, Fuk yourself.


40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_9_20090705_1798052292balls in seaman sauce?? yum

40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_16_20090705_1308252331wow. I wonder how they taste.



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_27_20090705_1536217330enough said…



40_unfortunately_named_restaurants_40_20090705_1685126094Who wants to eat at MY DUNG?

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