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Pickyrpoison has been on a short hiatus due to some stuff the pickyrpoison team was busy with. But we’re back and ready to serve you some of the coolest pictures, polls and videos we have!

So we’re kicking things off by sharing with you some movie trailers that were re-made LEGO style! We took the courtesy in sharing the real trailers so you guys would be able to compare. Enjoy!


Iron Man

The Dark Knight

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix


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CAM SHOT part 2

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Men like staring at boobs and butts.  That’s just a scientific fact.  Everyone has stolen a tantalizing glance at a nice rack or an amazing posterior at least once in their life. And so, here comes second installment of our CAM SHOT tribute to men caught staring at boobs and butt! don’t forget to check out part 1 over here.










staring-boobs-down-0“Harry” is all grown up huh?

And now pickyrpoison’s personal favorite…





stare-at-boobs-20000enough said.

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